“Keep it simple. Everybody loves a hot dog.”

These frequent words of advice from her father inspired Pamela Swanson, along with partner Lionel Holmes, to open Haute Dogs & Fries in May 2010. Pamela and Lionel share a common vision: open a restaurant that gives families a fun time out together without putting a dent in their wallet. Their philosophy remains simple: provide exceptional taste at an exceptional value.

Haute Dogs & Fries offers a fresh take on the family dining experience, serving the same hot dogs found at Boston’s Fenway Park. However, these aren’t your typical ballpark franks. Each hot dog is served hot off the grill on fresh, New England style buns and dressed with fresh toppings such as caramelized onions, sauerkraut, jalapeño peppers, mangoes, and Lionel’s own homemade Chili recipe. Handcut french fries made from Idaho potatoes and sweet potatoes are a specialty at Haute Dogs & Fries and complement every dish.

Lionel and Pamela’s approach is to seek out locally produced products from local vendors whenever possible. They are proud to serve the freshest sausages and grass fed beef from the Fields of Athenry, located in Purcellville, Virginia. In addition to hot dogs, Haute Dogs & Fries has a wide menu that includes grass fed beef burgers, bratwursts, kielbasas, Italian sausages & New England style Lobster Rolls.

Make plans to check out the area’s best live musicians, frequently performing at our Purcellville and Alexandria locations. For event announcements, become a fan on the Haute Dogs & Fries Facebook page, stay tuned to @Haute_Dogs on Twitter, and visit The Haute Blog.

Haute Dogs & Fries provides a unique dining space for your next birthday, graduation, or retirement party. Make it a haute party that your guests will never forget.  Community Partnership Program -fundraising for schools, churches, community charities- contact us for more details.

Pamela Swanson

Starting out in small, family-run establishments, Pamela Swanson brings over 20 years of experience to Haute Dogs & Fries.  Pamela has worked at high-end eateries such as Washington, D.C.’s  Four Seasons Hotel, Morton’s Steakhouse, and her family’s own Germaine’s, which was frequented by Presidents, members of the DC press, and celebrities.  At Haute Dogs & Fries, Pamela is responsible for marketing the restaurant, dreaming up haute menu creations, party and event planning, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Lionel Holmes

Born and raised in Central Virginia, Lionel Holmes is the youngest of five boys and acquired a competitive tenacity at an early age. Bringing this spirit to the restaurant industry, he has received numerous sales and operations awards. With more than 25 years invested, Lionel has held positions in Lake Tahoe, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. It was at Morton’s of Chicago Steakhouse where he gained valuable managerial and operations experience and was awarded both “General Manager of the Year” and “Training Manager of the Year.” Lionel enjoys developing new concepts and this is apparent as you watch him at the grill, transforming a simple hot dog into a gastronomical masterpiece. “I have a lot of fun creating new dressing combinations,” laughs Holmes. “I want to give customers an affordable meal with flair, especially in this economy,” he says. “We strive to offer that through our service and decor and the quality of our product.”

Holmes and Swanson are fighting the economy one hot dog at a time.

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