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Signature Dogs All Beef - Uber Eats Menu

Plain Dog


Beef, veggie or chicken - create your own topping style!

Signature Dogs Protein Choice:All Beef Dog Veggie +$1
Bun Modification:Gluten Free Bun +$2No Bun
Plain Dog Topping Addition:Ketchup Yellow Mustard Brown Mustard Honey Mustard +$0.75Bacon +$1Beef Chili +$0.75Wiener Sauce (Beef) +$0.75BBQ Sauce +$0.50Melted Cheese +$0.75Shredded Cheese +$0.75Blue Cheese Crumbles +$0.75Chopped Onion Sautéed Onion +$0.75Sauteed Peppers and Onions +$1Warm Onion Relish +$0.75Sweet Relish Mango Pineapple Relish +$0.50Pickle Fresh Jalapeno +$0.75Coleslaw +$0.75Sauerkraut +$0.75Mayo Curry Ketchup +$0.75Sriracha Mayo +$0.75Chipotle Mayo +$0.75Cucumbers +$0.75

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